Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan: Macrobiotic Part 2

The Weekly Macrobiotic Meal Plan

Brown Rice Porridge with mushrooms and miso
Snack: Mini Banana
Lunch: Polenta & Garbanzo beans in gravy
Snack: Trail Mix or Mini Lara Bar
Dinner: Tempeh sausage, sauteed bok choy, brussel sprouts
Snack: Apple
Beverages: seltzer water with pomegranate juice, twig tea, green tea, mint tea

Overall, this week went fairly well. My cravings for sugar have diminished somewhat. On Wednesday night, I wanted to give myself a 'treat' so I have vegan chicken fingers, maki roll and soy ice cream... and I felt awful after. So, this week no treats quite like that. Maybe I'll try making something out of the Macro book.

Also, good news! I found my copy of Zen macrobiotic cooking.

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